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At EduAims we believe that career decisions are too important to leave to chance. We want to ensure students have access to the finest tools and the best information available before making a career decision. We believe that a well informed decision is the right decision. 

What we believe in!

The mentors at EduAims, with wide experience in the education industry, guide and nurture students towards realising their dreams. They are dedicated to analysing every student on an individual basis and are responsible for chalking out a detailed plan to bring about improvements. 

All the mentors of EduAims are from prestigious universities across the globe and have extensive experience in guiding students towards top colleges around the world. We believe that a student's college career decision is one of the most critical and requires immense research and informed decision making. The Career Development program ensures that students' profiles are built according to their interests, aptitude and admission requirements. Through regular excursions, creative writing sessions, aptitude building programs, university tours, portfolio building workshops and other profile building exercises we ensure that your admissions consulting process is smooth and you are always ahead of the rest.

All the mentors are available all throughout the enrolment to solve personal doubts and questions. Our action plan  seeks to make the student a master in their niche area. Under our tutoring wing, we follow a flexible approach allowing students personalised coaching, make up classes, extra classes as well as numerous mock tests throughout the course.


We conduct regular classes in the following courses.


Our innovative and new age teaching methodology has allowed us to attain an exceptional track record in the area of study abroad test prep in a short span of time.


Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide the right guidance so that every student is able to grow into a competitive individual who is able to succeed in all aspects of life.

Am I on the right track ?

Drop in at EduAims office for a free counselling session and see if you are on the right career track.

Thank you to 2 of those people who have made a valuable difference in my life- Sadi and Michael. You've made me who I am and I would never have been able to come this far without your constant guidance and support. Working with you at Edu aims was a great and absolutely enriching experience. You gave me perspective and my plans direction and your support inspired me to varied heights and continues to make me strive for nothing less than the best. Thank you so much.

Vitasa Pansari

The college applications procedure is one that will transform you. It lends a great deal of objectivity into your brain and more importantly, helps you discover yourself. EduAims provided this and a lot more. The college application process at EduAims was truly life-changing, allowing me to not only get admits at my dream colleges, but also take away knowledge and skills useful for life.

Vedant Kabra

Perfect experience, really helpful! Would never be studying at LSE without their help.



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